IV Nutritional Therapy

IV Nutritional Therapy and Booster Shots

Boost your energy and your immune system

Many people are struggling with poor gut health resulting in poor absorption of nutrients from our food, and modern agricultural methods may result in fewer nutrients in our food in the first place. A chronic lack of nutrition can leave you feeling depleted of vitality, and more likely to be predisposed to chronic lifestyle illnesses. IV nutritional therapy (IVNT) can enhance the delivery of micronutrients into your body to support your health and boost your energy levels. Combinations of vitamins, amino acids and minerals can be delivered directly to the body, bypassing the digestive system, and improving transport of the nutrients into the cells.

IV nutritional therapy does not replace the critical importance of having a healthy, balanced diet and is not designed to be a medical treatment. You must have a consultation with one of our doctors, and you may be asked to have blood tests to check your nutritional status at any time during a course of treatments. Booster shots eg Vitamin B12 are sometimes advised to correct a deficiency where this is noted on a blood test.


Intravita nutritional therapy is increasingly popular, making use of intravenous therapy to boost to your energy levels and your immune system. Combinations of micronutrients may be recommended for you following a consultation with your doctor.

What can I expect?

If your doctor agrees that a treatment is appropriate for you, they will use a numbing cream on your skin, followed by insertion of a small cannula into your arm. Nutrient combination packs are infused gently over 30 to 60 minutes, but booster shots will take only a few minutes. 

Are there any risks?

The recent rise in popularity of IV Nutrition Therapy is largely based on anecdotal evidence – where people who have had these treatments describe the benefits (or not) that they have personally experienced – rather than evidence that comes from large, randomised controlled clinical trials. Some doctors have concerns that there are relatively few well-designed clinical trials to support any claims for the benefits of IV vitamins.
There have been reports of allergic reactions to IV Nutrition Therapy, and there are some very clear contra-indications for certain vitamins in certain people. Fat soluble vitamins can accumulate in the body causing toxicity in excess so should only used to correct deficiencies.
It is very important that these treatments are administered by health professionals who are highly trained in understanding where this treatment is appropriate, and who have had certified training. Our doctors have undergone extensive training in this field, both internationally, and in the UK, including comprehensive training by IntraVita, the UK’s leading supplier of IV Nutrition Therapy. In our clinic, we are certified providers of IntraVita IV Nutrient Therapy, a company with a proven track record and focus on quality and safety.