Plasma Performance
Therapy For
Hair Loss

Plasma Performance Therapy© for Hair Loss

Platelet-rich plasma (or PRP) scalp regeneration therapy is a regenerative medicine procedure that uses components of your own blood to rejuvenate the scalp and hair follicles. PRP can secrete multiple growth factors – essential proteins that have been shown to stimulate the hair follicles encouraging hair growth.

Plasma Performance Therapy© for hair loss combines PRP and micro-needling in a highly researched protocol unique to our clinic.

Growth factors are specialised proteins found in all the active cells in the body. They have many functions in the body, with the most important being activation of cellular renewal through stimulation of proliferation and regeneration of different stem cells. They do this by switching “on” or “off” the signals that regulate cellular processes. The PRP preparation is rich in growth factors that are infused directly into the scalp, activating the follicular stem cells in the bulge of the hair follicle. This helps to “switch on” the proliferative phase of the hair cycle, and can result in thicker hair growth.

This treatment is suited to both men and women with thinning hair, including those with androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss with a receding hairline along the temples and/or hair loss at the top of the scalp).

Does PRP really work?

As recently as March 2019, The American Academy of Dermatology have published their agreement that there is evidence for use of PRP in conjunction with micro-needling can provide “a safe, effective hair loss treatment that has the potential to greatly improve the quality of life of millions of people.” See references below.

There are, however, many different methods available for the preparation and administration of PRP, and not all have been shown to be safe and effective, and you need to be discerning about the techniques and methods employed by your practitioner. We have been careful to explore the research, and to select methods of preparation that are demonstrated to contain the clinically proven concentrations of platelets, as well as the treatment modalities shown to enhance the results. You should take the time to discuss this with your practitioner at your initial consultation.

What can I expect?

During a treatment: your doctor will draw some blood and prepare it in the centrifuge to obtain the platelet rich plasma. By using components of your own blood, this minimises the chance of allergies or reactions to the treatment. Your doctor will apply a numbing cream, followed by micro-needling, and the Plasma Performance Therapy© protocol and micro-needling. There is minimal discomfort associated with this procedure.

After the treatment: your skin will appear flushed, and it may feel a little like a sunburn. Some people will experience some swelling, but this normally subsides within 24 hours. It is normal to experience some tenderness or small bruises at mesotherapy sites.

How many hair loss treatments will I need before I see results?

For optimal results, is it usually recommended to have 3 to 4 treatments a month apart. Hair growth usually only starts to be noticed after 3 to 4 months, with ongoing improvement over the following months. Some people will need more treatments than others, and maintenance treatments are done at 3 to 6 month intervals. Results vary between individuals, and it is important to discuss overall nutritional and hormonal health with your doctor in order to ensure the best outcome.


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Treatment Time

About ? Minutes

Full Recovery

Usually immediately.  Occasionally some scabbing which resolves within 1 to 2 weeks



FDA Approved


Duration of Results

Long lasting

Sensitivity Period

Mild discomfort for ? days